How to Draw a Dog Step by Step for Kids and Beginners 

 December 10, 2020

Learn how to draw a dog step by step for beginners. This easy to draw dog is built on just a few different shapes. We have some semi-circles, a few squares, rectangles, and a triangle. Here are the shapes we will use. 

How to draw a dog for beginners - shapes

Wow, that's a lot of shapes!

There are quite a few, but don't worry, they're all very simple.

How to draw a dog step by step? Assemble the parts.

It might be hard to believe that we can draw a nice picture of a dog just starting with those simple shapes. But more than that, we can draw almost anything by breaking it down into simple shapes.

When starting out we can stick with basic shapes, but as you get more experience you can start using more complex shapes, even 3D shapes. That will let you draw things from your imagination at any angle.

Why do we use shapes first, instead of just looking at a picture and drawing? The shapes give us structure. This way we don't have to worry about running out of room on our paper, or the head being too big for the body, or something else being out of proportion. We can look at our shapes and get an overall feel for the picture before we commit to a drawing.

First, let's use the squares to make the head and body. When you draw these shapes to start out, keep the drawing light so you can erase them later. These are just guides to help us draw the completed picture. I used colorful shapes so they're easy to see here, but you just need to lightly draw them on your paper. You can see an outline version in the free PDF available below.

How to draw a dog for beginners - head and body

The first step is to make the head and body.

Next, let's use two semi-circles and two rectangles to make the back leg. You can change the sizes of all these shapes to make a different type of dog.

How to draw a dog for beginners - back leg

The next step is to attach the front leg. It's similar to the back leg, but straighter.

How to draw a dog for beginners - front leg

Is it starting to look like a dog yet? Let's add in some final key parts. We need a mouth. Some dogs have a long snout, others have a short snout. The ears and tail as well, some are stubby, pointy, or floppy. So be creative and experiment!

How to draw a dog for beginners - face and tail

Time to draw our dog

There we go! That's looking better already. Now that we see how to assemble the shapes to make our dog we can draw it. All we have to do is trace around the outline of our shapes and we will have a great looking dog. Of course, adding a few embellishments can go a long way in making it your own work of art!

As you draw the outline, try to avoid too many straight lines. Practice making long strokes with your pencil instead of scribbling and scratching out an unsteady line. Make swooping curves to connect the shapes together. It will boost your confidence and bring your drawing to life!

Now is the perfect time to add in some details like an eye, a nose and some furry lines.

How to draw a dog for beginners - trace the shapes

Now we erase the guide lines from our boxes and we are left with a great looking dog. You can draw the legs on the other side of the dog to make it look more realistic. Just duplicate the shapes and lines you used for the nearest legs. 

How to draw a dog for beginners - outline

I drew in a collar and a floppy tongue for my happy dog.

Add some color

All that's left to do is color it in and hang it on your refrigerator! 

How to draw a dog for beginners - color

I hope you had fun drawing this dog step by step. It's amazing what you can draw starting from a few simple shapes. Keep your pencil moving and I look forward to seeing what else you are able to create.

Download a free PDF with instructions and a place to draw your own dog.

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